About us

LEMKEN – The Agrovision Company

LEMKEN, a sixth and seventh-generation family business, is a leading international manufacturer of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, seeding and crop protection. We are closely aligned with farmers’ individual needs: Every implement is conceived from a basis in practical experience and made for practical use.

Each of the over 1,100 LEMKEN employees worldwide lives and breathes agriculture, for only those with a deep understanding of agriculture are capable of producing agricultural machinery that meets all of the customer's requirements. LEMKEN looks at innovation from the perspective of the people who use our implements, and that is how we break new ground both in the selection of materials and work processes, and in the functionalities and user-friendliness of our implements. Numerous patents and awards are evidence that this path is our company’s future.

LEMKEN pursues a vision that allows farmers to work profitably - a vision in which our mutual success grows from the ongoing exchange between farmers, distributors and the manufacturer, and in which efficient technology sustainably helps secure the global food supply. This vision is what makes LEMKEN the Agrovision Company.