LEMKEN Weather station

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The LEMKEN weather station, combined with the SmartFarm app (available for iOS and Android),... more
Product information "LEMKEN Weather station"

The LEMKEN weather station, combined with the SmartFarm app (available for iOS and Android), aims to support farmers in their daily farming decisions. This combination employs scientifically sound measurement points plus sophisticated data transmission technologies to obtain consistently up-to-date data straight from crops. This data can then support optimised decisions in arable farming on matters such as sowing, fertilising, crop care and harvesting.

The measured parameters, data transmission and data availability are described in detail below:
The weather station supplies the following parameters:

  1. Measurements
    • Precipitation
    • Air temperature and humidity at 75 cm height
    • Crop temperature and humidity at 25 cm height
    • Soil temperature at 5 cm and 20 cm depth
  2. Supplementary weather information
    • Wind speed and direction from the nearest official meteorological station
    • Radiation values from geostationary weather satellites
  3. Values calculated from the measured data
    • Dew point temperature
    • Leaf wetness

As soon as customers have downloaded the free SmartFarm app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and paired it with the weather station using the code on the station, they are able to retrieve the parameters listed above via the app at any time during the contract term. The data is transmitted via the SigFox low-frequency network. Some areas are not yet covered by SigFox, and as a result our service cannot be offered in these areas at this time. Please use the following link to check whether the area where you intend to use the weather station is currently covered (before ordering the weather station): https://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage

In areas with SigFox coverage, the average availability of weather station data retrieved via the app is about 95% per month. Daily maintenance periods between 00:00 and 03:00 am are excepted.

Warranty: 2 years

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The package comprise the following services: One weather station for in-ground installation... more

The package comprise the following services:

  • One weather station for in-ground installation with a battery life of at least five years
  • Use of the measuring services available via the SmartFarm app for a term of three years

Customers wishing to continue to use the SmartFarm app after the initial two-year term has expired may take out an annual license at a cost of EUR 360. After expiration of the license, an additional annual license can be purchased. This is possible up to three times, so that the station automatically expires after the fifth year of use at the end of the battery life. In case of a premature battery failure, the annual license will be refunded to the customer on a monthly basis.

The subscription may be transferred to another person, subject to a service charge of EUR 25.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The LEMKEN weather station facilitates spot measurements of the temperature and humidity above... more

The LEMKEN weather station facilitates spot measurements of the temperature and humidity above and in crops as well as of the temperature in the soil at two different depths. The measured values are only valid for the area around the weather station. They depend on geographic conditions at the site. The data supplied serves to support decision-making processes. The interpretation of measured results and the choice and implementation of measures are the customer’s sole responsibility.

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